ive been messing around with automatonism for a bit now- i first learned about it from felisha ledesma who taught a class on it.(ily felisha u changed my life) it kinda exploded my brain and made modular synthesis accessible & way less intimidating.

as i stumbled around with it i kept making one similar patch for vocals - where an lfo is controlling a pitchshifter- so that the pitch of the vocals would go up and down. its a sound i liked, so i wanted to make a patch specifically for fucking w the recordings of talking i had. so this is how i made D41A.

it uses the preexisting modules of autonomatonism & theres a lot of fun things u can do with it. i would explain it but i truly don't know if it would make any sense cuz i barely understand how any of this works. ive included a pic of the patch- and also a download. automatonism runs on pure data and you can find more info on it here

i also put in two examples of using it & the various ways u can play w it. one using a recording of david wojnarowicz reciting an excerpt from his book close to the knives and one from a melody loop i made using (again felisha) the Fors roulette sequencer.

click here to download a copy of D41A if u want. lmk if u make any fun chaotic stuff w it.